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McHale are an Irish manufacturer who built their first bale wrapper in 1991 and have gone on to dominate the UK market in bale wrappers, producing a high quality reliable machine that is cheap to repair and maintain. Many of McHales original bale wrappers are still in use today. McHale have gone on to develop a range of machinery for working with grass, a full range of wrappers, balers and combination wrappers. They market their machines worldwide and have a large share of the UK, New Zealand, Australian and Korean markets.

They produce machinery from 2 bases, one in Ireland and one in Hungary. Their innovative approach to machinery development is translated into their approach to customer service and dealer support and are second to none in these areas. If your McHale machine fails, they will get you going as soon as possible. Which wrapper do I need? For the past 20 years the wrapper model we have sold in largest quantity is the 991LBER 3 point linkage remote controlled machine. It is used when the bales are brought in to be wrapped at the point they are to be stacked. The trailer brings in the unwrapped bales and a tractor or power-pack powers the wrapper while a loader tractor places the bales on the wrapper, then stacks the wrapped bales.

This system allows for minimal damage to the plastic after wrapping the bale. The downside is that the bales need to be wrapped as soon as possible after baling to maximise silage quality. This same system is operated with the 991TBER which is a trailed version of the LBER, the TBER is becoming more popular with contractors where it is fitted with a power-pack and then towed behind the loader tractor or tele-handler from job to job. The 991B, BE and High Speed are all trailed machines and wrap the bales in the field. The operator drives around the field after the baler wrapping the bales in situ. This means that quality is not as likely to be compromised, as the bale should not wait long before wrapping. It also takes the pressure off bringing the bales into the stack, if labour is short. This is the favoured option on the west coast where weather windows are tight, and good quality fodder is harder to make.

The High Speed wrapper has become the favourite of contractors since its introduction, and has moved some of the mounted machine work back into the field, as the operator no longer has to wait for the bale to finish wrapping before picking up the next bale. The McHale Baler range are designed and built for silage production and are arguably the best machines on the market today. The fixed chamber balers are available in 4 forms, the F5400 non-chopper, the F5500 chopper, the F560 fully automatic chopper baler and the Fusion 3 which is a fully automatic baler / wrapper combination. The Variable chamber balers are available in 3 forms, the V640 non-chopper, V660 chopper and the Variable Fusion baler / wrapper combination.