Buy, Sell, Trade

We buy and sell many different types of machine, but primarily Agricultural tractors and ATVs. We try to make the job of changing your vehicle as easy as possible for you.

1. We discuss your needs for your replacement machine, what tasks it will need to perform and how often. How long you would intend to keep it before changing again.

2. We ask about your existing machine – if you have one, is it still suitable for your needs, or what features you think you would need and like on its replacement.

At this point we would give you some options to consider and give you information on what we have available.

3. We come out to you to see you, your working environment and your machine, so we can ensure that the replacement is appropriate and will perform the functions you require. We also look at and test your existing machine so that we can place an accurate value on it.

4. We discuss which machine option we would recommend and some finance options. What payment schedule would you prefer: pay outright, monthly, half yearly, yearly or some bespoke options.

5. We send you a written quotation including delivery to your preferred location.

Our aim is to match you with the machine you need at the budget you can afford.