Valtra N113 120hp tractors arrive en masse

Our stock order of Valtra N113 tractors have arrived en masse this week with 5 tractors coming in over 2 or 3 days. We ordered 10 tractors back in March hoping to have them dribble in 2 a month over 5 months, but the factory in Finland was too busy and built them all in at the end of August and they have been shipped over the last month. We have had a mix of 40k and 50k tractors, H3 and H5 gearboxes.

All the tractors have come with Valtra loaders, and one with loader boom support for snow ploughing and in this case – operating an Einbock grass harrow on the front of the loader.

We have one N113H3 and one N113H5 both with parallel loaders available at exceptional terms – call us now for details.

October 15 tractorsLoader boom support