Where possible we supply parts and consumables in containers that are easy to recycle, we have reduced our use of “blister packs” for parts supply and have asked all of our suppliers to reduce their use of “single-use” plastic packaging when trading with us.

We have an oil cleaning service where we can clean lubricants to near new standard.

We actively seek suppliers who are able to offer us more sustainable packaging.

We re-use cardboard boxes, jiffy bags, wooden boxes and pallets where possible.

We also give away pallets and wood packaging to members of the local community who have a practical use for it.

Used oil drums and filters are crushed for the steel to be recycled. Used oils and lubricants are collected to be re-manufactured into heavy fuel oil.

Our belief is that many of the tractors and machines supplied in the past, can have a useful life with a new customer if repaired and overhauled. With this in mind we source, overhaul and supply many used tractors of all brands and all ages to our customers – this is recycling on a bigger scale.  

Ocean plastic