Save time when seeding

Responding to customer requirements is our main focus at McLaren Tractors, so when tasked with finding a solution to reducing our customers dependency on single use plastic bags at sowing time, we contacted our supplier “Agrimont” to provide a simple and quick solution.

Agrimont manufacture high quality stainless steel trailer mounted screw conveyors (augers). The internal screw is supported so that it does not contact the outer tube, vastly reducing wear and noise, as well as increasing output.

There are many different outputs of screw conveyor with two basic designs: the conveyor either dicharges perpendicular to the rear of the trailer, or to the side of the rear of the trailer.

The machine in the pictures is a 50tph side discharge machine, that is capable of loading each compartment on the drill in just over 1 minute. The conveyor is controlled by the operator on the drill platform. The trailer has an internal divider with hatches to allow the seed and fertiliser to be loaded separately by the conveyor. An added saving is that the customer is able to purchase his seed and fertiliser in bulk, while reducing his plastic disposal costs.

Agrimont trailer mounted screw conveyor working near Aberchirder