New Vredo Grass drill for the Highlands

Further to a demonstration programme in Easter Ross and Caithness, Allan J Wilson Contractors of Fearn, Easter Ross purchased a new Vredo Agriseeder to give their customers a cost effective alternative to re-establishing grass and clover mixes.

The Vredo agriseeder answers the questions left by the other machines on the market today. The Vredo uses a spring loaded double boron steel disc self sharpening coulter system to cut into the existing sward, deposit the seed between the discs, then push the slit shut by a rear roller. There is next to no soil disturbance and no loose soil on the surface to attract weed seeds. In fact from 20 yards it is difficult to see what the Vredo Agriseeder has done, apart from roll the field.

Each coulter has 125mm of spring travel to allow for rough fields and increased pressure can be created by tilting the machine forward on the top link. Seed rates from 3kg – 190kg /ha can be achieved with a 2.9m machine The higher rates are typical in sports fields. The discs on a 2.9m machine should achieve 7000-10000 acres of work before needing to be replaced.

We will have a demonstrator Vredo Agriseeder from the third week in May, please call now to see what is arguably the best machine in the field!