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Traclift 120 loader bearing boxes

Brand: Traclift | £200

Traclift 120 Zetor loader bearing boxes

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Zetor UR1 front weights

Brand: Zetor | Model no: UR1 front weight | £20

Zetor UR1 front weight

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Zetor UR1 front wing

Brand: Zetor | £40

Zetor Carraro axle front wing

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Grays snow plough

Brand: Grays | Model no: Snow plough | £680

Grays snow fixed angle snow blade, rubber edge.

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Stocks 15-34 dual wheels

Brand: Grays | £845

New Stocks 15-34 clamp on dual wheels with new clamps and eyes.

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Zetor Forterra front weight block

Brand: Zetor | £100

Zetor Forterra weight frame block

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Stocks Boxrim Rowcrop wheels

Brand: Zetor | £1500

Used Stocks boxrim rowcrop wheels 11.2×36 and 12.4×48 Kleber tyres 50% worn, with centres to fit Ford, NH, Same, Lamborghini.

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